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Abuse Policy

SodaPop maintains and enforces a zero tolerance abuse policy on all SodaPop™ web sites, apps and related technology assets. The following list of actions and activities are not permitted at any time. Any person engaging in these actions and activities will have their network access terminated and will be banned from all future access.

Actions and Activities Not Permitted At Any Time

1. The posting of rude or mean questions and/or comments about another person. The posting of any content that upsets or embarrasses another person.

2. The posting of horrible, disgusting or distressing pictures or videos.

3. The posting any content showing the mistreatment of or cruelty to animals.

4. The posting of any pornographic, sexually explicit or violent content.

5. The posting of any content that may damage or harm another person or their property.

6. The posting of any content that may be considered a solicitation of services (SPAM).

7. The posting of any content that may contain a virus or other payload.

8. Any type of identity theft, including impersonation of another person or entity, is expressly forbidden at all times.

9. Any type of threatening behavior, including bullying, is expressly forbidden at all times.

10. Any type racist behavior — any behavior that attacks another person's race, religion or sexuality is expressly forbidden at all times.

11. Reporting Abuse

If you are experiencing abuse or witnessing another type misconduct please click the Report This Post button to flag the content. We will flag the content for review.

12. Notification of Abuse

SodaPop designates the following individual as its agent for receipt of notifications related to abuse and misconduct.

Attention: Abuse Personnel
c/o SodaPop, LLC.
183 Main Street, Second Floor
Brookville, PA, 15825

13. Notice

By using the SodaPop™ website and apps you (the "Member") agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this policy, you should immediately cease all usage of any and all SodaPop™ apps, web sites and related services. We reserve the right, at any time, to modify, alter, or update the terms and conditions of this policy without prior notice. Modifications shall become effective immediately upon being posted on this website.

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