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Private Social Network + Safe Zone

SodaPop™ - Social Interaction + Safe Zone

Social networking in a private, trusted environment you create or join. Activate the Safe Zone to encourage more meaningful conversations.

Trusted, Private Social Interaction with
a Safe Zone for Deeper Conversations

A rich set of social options to build your invitation-only, private community. Now featuring a Safe Zone for anonymous conversations with a trusted source.

Private Social Connections with Optional Anonymous Conversations

Totally fun with a side helping of serious (when needed). Be totally social in a protected environment. Enable Safe Zone Messaging to ask personal questions openly and anonymously of a Trusted Source.

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Fully Customizable and Totally Rebrandable

Make it your own! Imagine a custom social app for your family, group, school, or business. SodaPop is white-label private social network with custom icons, fonts, colors, and labels — and your own custom app for download in app stores.

State-of-the-Art Web App

Some things are just easier on a bigger screen. The SodaPop™ Web App takes advantage of every pixel.

Web-based power tools right where you need them. Gorgeous mobile apps for when you are on the go. That's SodaPop™.

Behind the curtain.

You have total control of your private network. Control network access with Trust Keys. See who is online right now. View mesmerizing network stats in real-time. Coming Soon.

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