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Private Social Network + Safe Zone
Activate the Safe Zone for private, anonymous conversations.

Activate the Safe Zone for private,
anonymous conversations.

What SodaPop is all about: Providing an environment for people to talk about things they might not otherwise be able to share. Browse the SodaPop Knowledgebase for Examples and Case Studies.

The Safe Zone.

Have Deeper Conversations with an Anonymous Trusted Source. Allow deeper conversations in a safe place wrapped in a cloak of anonymity. The Safe Zone can be an online suggestion box or informal help desk — or a place where private questions and concerns are shared in confidence and privately answered by you or your team.

Safe Zone Architecture

Safe Zone messages are managed via a Dashboard that is accessible by all Safe Zone Agents. Safe Zone messages can be assigned to different Agents based on messages content or time of day. Students are notified of responses to their Safe Zone messages via push notification or email.

Help In Their Pocket

Safe Zone messages are sent and received via a student's mobile device — which most students have with them 24 hours a day. Safe Zone messages can also be sent and received via an ordinary web browser.

Students can reach out for help or advice at any time. And they have immediate access to responses to their messages by Safe Zone Agents.

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